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Hey L4Pers here are the results from recent dyno testing/tuning of a Mercedes Benz C350 W203 chassis. This is the first model Mercedes Benz to use the 3.5L V6 power plant and is the same engine as still used in other MB models; W204 C350, W211 & W212 E350, S350, SL350, SLK350, CL350, CLS350, CLK350, ML350.

The car tested had a only Remus Muffler and was tested using CA91 pump gas on a Dyno Dynamics 4×4 Dyno. The power gains seen from tuning were very strong; [email protected] & [email protected]! And can be seen on the dynograph provided. The performance and overall drivability are much improved for a more enjoyable diving experience.

Feel free to PM me or E-mail with any questions as usual!

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