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posting this up for kyivk :bow1:

SoCal's favorite weekly GTG is here again on October 8th 2014...

Bring your latest build & project and come hang with other Euro gearheads, most importantly you'll get to see what's the latest our vendors have to offer, also check out some of the vehicles they have worked on.

-Open lot w/ more than 400 WIDE parking spaces.
-No speed bumps or ramps, lowered-car friendly.
-Close to 5/405/133 FWYS, easy access w/ multiple entrances/exits.
-Private property in a business complex, no unwanted attention.
-No burn outs, no excessive revvings, and no loitering.
-Additonal vendors welcome, please contact the host by replying HERE in advance.

here are some pics taken from our last Euro Wednesday:

Here's the direction for parkings:

See you guys soon!
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