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Is anyone on here doing the rally on the 07/24/14? Not MentiOning names or advertising. My previous topic few months ago was Deleted and I'm guessing it didn't appeal to the GR crew.

Let me know if you are running in this rally and I'll add you to the unofficial FB group. All you can want from a car rally ;)

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Can a mod change the topic of this thread so it's more visible? "Modball USA East", if possible.

So I thought I would write a small recap of the Modball Rally USA EAST I attended in July. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

Raw&BC, don't delete this just yet!

Around April I heard about the rally, NYC-Miami, in my head I think: "this sounds awesome". I checked out the entry cost: $3,000 per team... cheap! Reading through the guaranteed highlights of the rally:

- 5 star hotels in every city.
So this is a lie:
W Hotel DC - 4 STARS
W Hotel Atlanta - 4 STARS
Soho Beach House Miami - 2 STARS

On the top of it, DC and Miami hotels were paid by Modball to have queen sized beds in hotel rooms. Very uncomfortable if your teammate ends up bringing a girl back to the room, as you can imagine.

- Entry to all party/events during the rally.
This is partially true. They did tell us which party to go to - the hotel lounge! There's no party there. Read for more below.

- Breakfast in each hotel.
Imagine if you end up partying all night and you have to leave with the rally at 7am. I'm sorry, did you say breakfast? When?

- Parking.
Not true, only Miami hotel did not charge us for the valet parking.

- Full car sticker pack including Modball logos, sun strips, numbers and Modball sponsor stickers.
Yup, got all the gear. Modball put their own logos over our own sponsors. Not cool.

- Team packs including lanyards and wristbands.

The sign up list looked great!

1. Dos Santos – Lamborghini Gallardo – NC, USA
2. DKT – Mclaren MP4 – WI, USA
3. SleeperCity – BMW M3 – LA, USA
4. Borrowed Time – Dodge Charger Srt8 – NY, USA
5. Modball Girls – TBC – USA
6. Hoodrich – Dodge Viper – MA, USA
7. Mystery Machine – Audi RS4 – DC, USA
8. RiteGroove – 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII – IL, USA
9. Thunderbirds – Mercedes Benz – VA, USA
10. FL Races AMG - Mercedes Benz C63 AMG - FL, USA
11. Electro – 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth – MI, USA
12. Ecstacy – SLS Roadster – VA, USA
13. Beem Team – BMW E60 M5 – FL, USA
14. Flying Monkeys – Dodge Challenger – NJ, USA
15. The Mafia – Ford Mustang – ME, USA
16. NY Racers – Corvette C7 – NY, USA
17. LoversNotHaters – Porsche 911 -RI, USA
18. Need4Speed – BMW 135i Convertible – NY, USA
29. DreamTeam – Ferrari 458 – DC, USA
20. Gon’ Fishin’ – Ford Mustang – Il, USA
21. FL Races CTS-V - Cadillac CTS-V – FL, USA
22. Mad Money Hustler Bros – Porsche 911 Turbo – MD, USA
23. Crown Royal and Dr Pepper – Nissan GTR – SC, USA
24. Boston Sunday Drivers - 1995 Porsche GT2 – MA, USA
25. Slow Pokes – BMW 335 – CT, USA
26. BLAT – Mercedes Benz – FL, USA

26 cars signed up? Yeah...

There was the total of 10 cars: Viper, 335i, 964turbo, e63 amg, sls amg, corvette c7, corvette c7, m5, ctsv and an RS5 (which is actually owned by some baller on here, with a hennessey 458, the modball crew was gifted with that car for a weekend). However there were supposed to be plenty more joining in DC and Atlanta... nope, not one more. Actually, 964 turbo left after DC and second C7 was gone with Atlanta stop.

The Modball party SUCKS! "Drive all day, party all night". So Modball presented us with their version of "- Entry to all party/events during the rally." It meant they told us where to go in the hotel lounge, which every time sucked. Everybody paid for tables out of their own pocket. Actually, the 8 teams actually went out to clubs in NYC, DC, Atlanta and Miami on their own. We hit up W in DC, Opera in Atlanta and Story in Miami.

The rally was poorly planned. There were only 8 cars running and even though everybody was cruising at stupid speeds, we would get to the next checkpoint at 8-10pm. We did not do the race track that was paid for or visit the nascar museum (or whatever museum it was).

There were no Modball girls.

Now on an upside, I've got to meet really cool guys from all over the place. We'll probably take part in another rally as some kind of wolfpack again, just not with Modball.

For pictures, check out my team profile: TEAM PHM: Instagram and my own: RAFALBOSTON: Instagram

Before posting this, I contacted Modball but upon initial inquiry on my disappointment with the rally, they decided to ignore me.
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