Forget wining and dining atop a 100+ storey building, this developer plans to construct and install a giant glass cube for a one-of-a-kind dining experience sure to awe--and perhaps even terrify--its diners.


Big Foot Developers has disclosed their concept plans of building a giant cube suspended by steel cables between the Glenwood Power Plant, which used to power the New York Central Railway. Appropriately named the “Floating Restaurant”, the eatery will feature an area of green which will not only be aesthetically pleasing from the inside and out, but it also hides the second floor kitchen from view.


The plan is comprised of 11 tables on the main floor which is capable of seating four diners each and the top floor would be used to house the restrooms, storage space and perhaps a few VIP tables (as if the restaurant itself weren’t VIP enough!)


Despite being still in its concept, we can’t wait for this dream project to become a reality. While the food is expected to be top notch, the views of the Hudson River is what we’re really dying to see!

[Sources: LuxuryLaunches ]