After all these years, we can finally be the Sean-Connery-played James Bond hero we’ve always wanted to be, even when it comes to swimming underwater without a tank. That’s right- the underwater breathing device the amazing Bond used in “Thunderball” exists! Developed by Triton , the company known for building state-of-the-art submarines, these underwater artificial gills are small, easy to use, and can be used for up to 45 minutes of underwater fun. Have a look for yourself!
They are currently crowd funding at  but have gone way over their goal of $50,000 - in fact, they’re almost up to an amazing half a million! It seems like everyone wants to be the next James Bond - or, you know, to swim without the weight of an oxygen tank on their back or an annoying snorkel (which limits you to the water’s surface).

To use it, simply bite down on the mouthguard, dive in and breathe normally! The microporous hollow fiber keeps water out and filters oxygen in. Once oxygen is inside the device, it gets stories in a micro compressor run by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so when we’re in the water, we can all feel a little bit more like Bond - or Aquaman. Take your pick!
This device can go to a maximum depth of 15 ft. Should you surpass 15 feet, an LED lamp will start flashing and it will get harder to breathe. When your 45 minutes of underwater breathing is up, the Triton will send pulse vibrations to signal the swimmer that the battery is running low.
Pledge $300 to the cause and you’ll get a Triton respirator by the end of this year, when the first shipments are scheduled to go out!

Source: Indiegogo

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