The Lamborghini Aventador SV is a jaw-dropping supercar – with 740bhp and a beastly V12 engine – that isn’t in desperate need for a tune-up, especially from a supercar tuning fraternity.

That’s never stopped Novitec before. Which is why we’ve been blessed with the Novitec Torado SV.

This SV is somehow even more wicked than the original, starting with its performance. New engine electronics coupled with Novitec’s own, high performance exhaust system gives the 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 a boost to 775bhp. The torque also bumps up a notch, from 509 to 544lb ft.

No performance numbers have been released, but we can only assume the prodigious 2.8-second, 0-62mph sprint has been improved upon. Expect the top speed to exceed 220mph.

Novitec didn’t just focus on cranking up the performance. “Wheels are the legs of the car,” claims Novitec, and true to their word, they upgraded to the SV to feature new forged, centre-locking wheels courtesy of Vossen. They also added a new suspension system, dropping the ground-scraping SV another 35mm.

And of course, it needs a look that’s worthy of the upgrades. The revamped body kit doesn’t change too, too much – the SV’s original body is already nasty – but the new wing and side skirts are certainly hard to miss.