Norton Motorcycles announced a new 1200cc carbon-clad sportbike, claiming a maximum output of more than 200 hp and a dry weight of 395 pounds. The V4 RR is priced at £28,000 (US$34,777) while a special edition V4 SS version is valued at an even more posh £44,000 (US$54,651).

The engine is a 72-degree V-4 with an 82mm bore and 56.8mm stroke. Peak power arrives at 12,500 rpm while torque tops out at 95.9 lb-ft. at 10,000rpm. Speaking with Britain’s MCN, Norton designer Simon Skinner says the company initially wanted a 90-degree V configuration to avoid the need for a balancer shaft but the 72-degree angle was a better fit for the V4 RR’s chassis geometry. Skinner also says the engine is about the same size as the Aprilia’s 65-degree V-4 used on the RSV4 as well as Norton’s own Isle of Man TT racer.

The ride-by-wire throttle system allows for three engine mappings: Road, Sport and Pro-Race. The V4 RR also comes with a six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit and an electronics package including traction control, wheelie control, launch control and cruise control. The V4 RR also comes with both a slipper clutch and a quickshift system.

The engine is mounted to an aluminum twin-tube chassis. The chassis offers swingarm pivot and rake angle adjustments.

Öhlins provides its NIX30 fork and TTXGP rear shock, both fully-adjustable. Brembo M50s clamp down on the twin 330mm front disc rotors . There’s no mention of ABS however.

Both the RR and SS versions come with carbon fiber bodywork, with the RR receiving a chrome-like paint finish resembling Norton’s TT racer. The SS version comes in a bare carbon fiber finish with matching carbon BST wheels. BST also produced the V4’s carbon fiber fuel tank , which has been reinforced with kevlar and chemically treated to safely hold gasoline.

Norton is only producing 200 versions of the V4 SS, and they have already all been claimed. Norton is still, however, accepting orders for the V4 RR.