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Audis are our bread and butter here at NorthWest Auto Salon. I cant remember a day that has gone by without at least one Audi coming though our doors. From R8s to A4s, we get them all. Our friend Josh was in the market for a new family hauler and was quickly able to find something right up his ally—an S6 Avant. Being that it was black and the paint had seen better days, it was easy to tell that a trip to NorthWest Auto Salon was in order for an Enthusiast Detail with Interior Detail and 35% window tint. Just a week or so after purchase, Josh came in bright and early Wednesday morning, dropped off his new S6 and left for work in our SMART courtesy car. Check out a couple pictures from the write up and then check out our blog for the whole thing.

The first step in this process is our basic 24 step exterior hand wash. Cleaning the wheels before the wash takes place is also important so as not to spray debris off the wheels and onto the paints surface before claybar.

After all the door jambs, cracks and wheels were cleaned, it was then time to clean the exterior of the vehicle

While the paint may look clean, the clay paints a very different picture here. All the dirt you see in the clay would have been polished into the vehicles finish if one tried to detail it without completing the clay bar process.

Before we polish the entire car, we do a test section to find out what kind of pad/polish combination will work best for this particular vehicles finish. After two stages of polish, these were the type of results we would achieve throughout the entirety of the car.

And an after

Thank you Josh for bringing your S6 to us and we hope you enjoyed the write up as much as we did detailing process!

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