Northwest Auto Salon Details Very Rare RHD Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Vspec

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The Nissan Skyline GTR is arguably the most iconic Japanese performance car of all time. Unfortunately for Americans, it was never imported to the United States by Nissan. That doesn't mean that a few didn't make it here though. When I say a few, I really do mean only a hand full of examples of this car have ever made it to US shores. The exact number of R34 GTRs in America is unknown however do to a majority of them being brought in though grey market dealers and registered as kit cars. In the late 90s, early 2000s, a company called Motorex began legally importing some into the country for a hefty fee. Soon after that the government reevaluated their decision to let these cars in the country and revoked Motorex's ability to do so. To make a long story short, it was a huge fiasco and the US government essentially banned Nissan Skylines from ever being brought in again (If you want to read more info about this debacle, read this article 'MotoRex and the North American Skyline Fiasco" - the Skyline GT-R wiki). The government even went as far as to crush some cars that were still in the legalization process! The very few cars that had made it into the country before Motorex was shut down though were grandfathered into the new law and remain completely legal. That is why these Japanese supercars are so rare in this country and command such a high price (at least 3 to 5 times what they currently change hands for in Japan). This R34 is just one of the few examples left in the US and it was an honor to have it at the shop.

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amazing car! really something I wish they had brought over, or figured how to bring over correctly

not so much in to the mounting of that gauge thow....
amazing car! really something I wish they had brought over, or figured how to bring over correctly

not so much in to the mounting of that gauge thow....
It preserves the original condition of dash and A pillar (not to mention you couldn't see an a pillar mounted gauge due to the cage.
where can i find rollbar padding like that?
i dont think it was the gov re thinking their decision to allow the cars. it was motorex not performing the mods they were supposed to. I had my skyline imported by them and it had basically none of the required mods except for the km/h to mph speedo conversion. it even had jap (no DOT) tires on it. I was able to register it just fine so i really didnt give a crap but obviously something got them in trouble with DOT. oh well the R34 is such a great car. thanks for the pics!
such an amazing car. Doesn't the import law state that there is a 15 or 20 year wait (from the production year) before performance cars can be imported from japan or something like that? If so, we can still import these in our lifetimes, just later on.
Coop you must have been in love!
I know I love me some R3* GTR
ahhhh what a beauty my friend has one state side a r34 gtt worked up to 575 hp rb26 single turbo its a beauty. theres def more then 10 r34 state sides
That car looks amazing, white is the best color...period.

I by no means mean to jack the thread, but this reminded me of a local GTR that is also legal, was used in one of the F&TF movies, but wasn't wrecked or damaged in any way like most were... It was just detailed recently and these pics and others were posted on the local forum I'm on. It's obviously more show-oriented, but still a nice car. Apparently it's waiting on a new body kit and will be painted afterwards...

I definitely prefer the way the white car looks over this car, but I'd happily take either if someone offered. :)


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best car ever made. kthxbai.
honestly, that car just makes me so happy, I must have one one day.
no matter how many times I see photos of that car it doesn't look dated.
thanks for sharing, perfect example of a great car.
Love Skylines damn good pic's and sweet rides the White & Black 1.....
Unbelievable…I haven't seen this car in years…used to be owned by an NCO at Yokota AB Japan then made it's way to McChord AFB in Wa State. Glad to see it still intact and didn't get caught up in the federal "witch hunt."
I have a friend willing to let his go for little over $20KUSD but with no way to export to the US purchasing it is pointless.
Absolutely incredible. The only thing that would make this car any better is if it was Bayside Blue. Otherwise, perfect wheel choice. Lots of win here.
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