Nomos Lux Watch

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By Kyle Stults

It’s almost Munichtime and what better place for Glashutte-based Nomos to unveil its new Lux series. The Lux — its intended inspiration is the Latin word for “light” — features avant-garde design with a very simple dial. It could also be viewed as “Lux” for “luxury” because the watch is a clear move to a higher level of finish and price point for a brand which has until now produced nice-but-not-lavish steel watches. There is a nicely finished in-house manual wind caliber, and the watch comes on a hand-sewn Horoween shell cordovan strap.

40.5mm x 36mm white gold case, slightly curved sapphire glass, hand-wind caliber DW 2002 (84 hrs power reserve, double barrel, hand engraved balance cock)

The in-house DUW caliber (“Deutsche Uhrenwerke NOMOS Glashütte”) has been around since 2006; it represents the high-end of Nomos movements and in the Lux it is nicely finished and visible through the caseback.

Now about that price. As I said above, this is a step-up for Nomos, which really is an understatement — the Lux will retail at $20,500 (either color). Of course this puts Nomos into a intensely competitive price range with the titans of industry. A such, it will be interesting to see how these pieces actually sell. Either way, the Lux is a watch than can be admired for its inherent beauty and contemporary design.
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seems like a lot for something that could be passed off as a swatch
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You've gotten mighty snobby Capital. Lol. A Swatch? You need to focus on that movement for a few more seconds. I will say I think it needs a price adjustment. A little high IMO especially since they are not regarded as a high end watch company.
That's why you should do the watch guide for all of us who are "uneducated" lol

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Really like the watch but would be willing to pay 10k tops
Did not expect it to be priced so high. It's a nice watch, just not 20k nice.
Did not expect it to be priced so high. It's a nice watch, just not 20k nice.
Exactly, I can purchase a complicated JLC for that kind of money. Nomos better be ready to offer some significant discounts on this piece.
Not that I have the money, but I would rather buy two Rolex Deep Seas that are gently used than that one. Screws on back don't line up jk lol
Ehh not a huge fan. I can appreciate the piece, just wouldn't buy one for myself for that kind of money
Very nice watch, and a very steep price tag. I love how it's so simple on the face but very complicated when you dig deeper.
That's a great looking movement, but at that $$, a Calatrava is by far a better buy. Just like Reese said, they better start discounting these bad boys. Even at a steep discount, too much mulah.
I think deep discount send the wrong message. It says your stuff don't sell, to high, not that good, competition is better etc. From a business standpoint I would rethink the msrp as opposed to having to do heavy discounts in order to sell.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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