You have a choice: you can either buy another beautiful property somewhere or you can invest your money in another, more personal matter.

What better way to place it than in the hands of someone who can, in return, present to you a spectacular, state-of-the-art cigar humidor to keep your smokes crisp and clean?

After thousands of hours of work, Imperiali Genève has revealed to us the Emperador, which is truly a work of art in the cigar world. Laid with Swiss-made precious golds and black with black lacquer, unsuspecting guest may assume it to be jewellery box.

But once you enter the nine-digit code and open the box, you’ll find 24 Grand Cru cigars, each aged for four years and wrapped in real gold leaf.

The Emperador is programmed to keep an internal temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius regardless of external temperature and a constant humidity of 70 per cent.

A lower drawer pops open to reveal a matching cigar cutter, a 3-nozzle table lighter and an ashtray that auto-opens whenever a cigar is near.

This beautiful little “box” will set you back exactly $1 million dollars.

[ Source: Airows ]