No good deed goes........

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A good friend had to fire someone last week. The person made enough threats to make my friend too scared to stay at her home. I found a pet friendly hotel that she stayed in over the weekend. She had to run some errands so I offered to dog-sit her two yorkies. I took my '93 m5 to pick them up. Didn't want the puppy claws on the M5 touring's new leather.

Her dog jumps on my passenger seat and sh*ts all over it. The dog has been dealing with a case of diarrhea, so it was real runny. It ran between the cushions on seats. I called my friend and her response was "poor dog". I left it's leash on so when I got home it leash was coiled up in the middle of the sh*t. It was pretty nasty. I've almost got the smell out now.
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My best friend's wife puked in mine... even in the seatbelt clasp. Its nice and clean now though, and provided for a chance to improve my detailing skills. Anyway, that sucks, glad you've got the smell out.
(AMS MIKE) I cant even imagine opening the door to your car and seeing that I think I would claim it under my insurance as vandalism!!
Man thats terrible, glad that smell is almost out... I hope she empathized and offered to help clean it up or offer to pick up the lexol cleaning supplies bill.
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