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Ask any serious, hardcore automotive enthusiast hailing from either the Los Angeles or Tokyo areas what their idea of the “ultimate fantasy import” would be, and you will almost always get the same decisive reply: Nissan’s downright awesome GT-R super car. There’s a reason for that – even before this showstopper arrived on the automotive scene, enthusiasts worldwide were already smitten with the vehicle’s curvaceous looks, bewildering performance numbers and raw sex appeal. This GT-R R35 example singled out for show car headlining is redefining the cutting-edge super car category with its stomping, high-tech pedigree courtesy of a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 that makes some 565 horsepower, controlled via a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. An all-wheel-drive system helps put all that power down to the sizzling pavement, while a full Liberty Walk body kit makes things much flashier on the outside.

On the subject of the outside of this Nissan GT-R – its sultry body has been wrapped in matte black, with its newly-added hips covered in gold accents. This design aesthetic begins with the “GT-R” sticker on the side of the vehicle and continues to the exhaust down to the emblems. The vinyl wrapping, as well as the installation of the Liberty Walk body kit, was handled by Exclusive Vinyl.
Still, for all its beauty, it’s the wheels adorning this GT-R R35 that make it look like it’s glammed up for a seductive night on the town. Three-piece Rennen Forged R55 step lip rims – ordered courtesy of EUDM Autosports – sporting Russian Gold dials and bezels are complimented by gloss black hardware that adds tremendously aggressive flair to the Nissan, the front wheels coming in at a massive 21 x 11 offset and the rears in a 21 x 13.5 configuration. Precise measurements were taken by Rennen officials to ensure proper fitment for this over-the-top, lusted-after vehicle, and the Rennen team couldn’t be any happier with the way the project turned out.

Made in the USA and designed for fully-customizable options, all Rennen Forged wheels are offered in different concavity levels, custom diameters and custom widths and offsets. There are also limitless choices when it comes to finishes – carbon fiber, brushed, polished, color-matched and more – so there is no question what brand of rims are on your prized possession when you roll into the car show.

For Rennen, there is no substitute for passion and quality, and this stunning project GT-R proves that.​
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