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Hi Community,

I am James and I just had my S7 tuned in Los Angeles. I was skeptical at first, since this is my first Audi, but after researching the tuning companies in my area, I was happy to find a shop close to my home to do the work.

The owner of the shop came directly to my place, picked up the car, tuned it, washed it, and had it brought back to my house. I am very happy with their service. They also work on high end luxury cars so mine fit right in :)

On to the tuning and gains from the chip. I decided to go with GIAC. They are in Southern California and I have heard good things. I came from a Lexus and was not aware of the power I could get with just a tune!!!

I was told by the shop, for my car S7 - V8 turbo - that the gains would be over 100HP and 100TQ with their tuning.

I am happy to tell you, I can feel a BIG difference. I was also told the Transmission ECU was flashed too. I thought the car shifted fast already, I had no idea they could make it better! Very happy!

Are others on L4P with tunes on their s7? :)

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