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i like to show you a new project, here you can see Sl 55 Amg - Detailing World my last one.


New Beetle Convertible Black,

70.000 km

Products i use

for the Paint:

Chemical Guys Shampoo Citrus Wash & Gloss,

Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner 1:10

Magic Clean Clay

Meguiars #105

Menzerna PO85RD3.02

Menzerne PO106FA

3M Tape blue and gold

Cairbon CB 33 Paintsealant

for the rims:

Cairbon CB 55 Rimcleaner

Cairbon CB 66 Highglosscleaner

for Interior:

Cairbon CB 99 Cockpitsray

for windows:

Cairbon CB 88 windowscleaner

for leather:

Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner 1:10

Colourlock Leather Protector

for Trimm:

Jeffs Satin Prot

for tyre:

Zaino Z 16

for top:

Fabric Guard 303



Orange Babies drying towel

Makita 9227cb

Meguiars Woolpad

3 pic. Rot Weiss Pad Orange

2 pic. Chemical Guys Hex Logic Pads Withe,

different Applicator´s from Meguiars, Chemical Guys uso.

MFT´s from Zaino, Petzoldts, Chemical Guys Fluffer uso..

Frotteetowels from Cairbon

Car before:

Wheels after using Cairbon CB 55 Rimcleaner and save with Cairbon CB 66 Highglosscleaner

one more before

here a few 50/50

Makita, 1300- 1500u/min, Menzerna PO85RD3.02, orange Rot/Weiss Pad

after Makita, 1500 u/min, Menzerna PO106FA, white Chemical Guys Hex Logic Pad

after polishing

outside in the sun for controll

there must be a mad guy for women car´s

and now it´s Time for Showdown, using the NEW CAIRBON CB 33 Sealant, easy on and very very easy off, i like this Shine

more pictures see next post

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let go on

wow looks great

same few, different light

and here interior before

after, apy 1:10, clourlock leather protector, CAIRBON CB 99 Cockpitsray, great Stuff not a little bit shine, pefect matt

and now finish pictures a lot

deep black

see next Post

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and an few more pics

and now outside

a few more inside the garage

and more in daylight

i like this stuff, because it is so easy to use and it looks great

thanks for reading, sorry for my bad english

kind regards

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Hey Shine, welcome to the 4. That's a cool project, but unfortunately posting detailing work is for sponsors only. If your interested in sponsoring please contact Rawmean or Aimee and they will be happy to assist you.
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