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Hello everyone:
I am John Jiang, a automotive photographer on the forum. Good to be part of the family here. I'm based in Chicago, still in college, originally from China.
I started my photography studio in 2011. I have been working closely to some Chicagoland supercar clubs. With many people and especially exotic owners' support, I organized this year's season kick off cruise/ my college senior year photography show. It was a huge success. Hope to share with you all with some photographs.
In cold weather city like Chicago, I was touched that so many people showed up for me. Enjoy.
To check out high-resolution photographs, please check my flickr:
Since I started in China, there are some interesting photographs captured for local SCC. Thanks~[email protected]/ 1534842_10201628262137885_529606138_o.jpg 13749785634_6c3e798041_c.jpg 13749783144_53974a42d0_c.jpg 13749780544_65e6ff2537_c.jpg 13749425073_f3341a0302_c.jpg 13749415393_465b6eecce_c.jpg 13749394035_bcfe8e42c5_c.jpg 13749385945_ae1359c57e_c.jpg 13694671344_0d5e3e3b0a_c.jpg 10252151_10201628096413742_1559278039_n.jpg 13749789704_75b0a2d29c_c.jpg
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