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Hi Luxury4Play members! Its so great to be a part of this amazing forum now!! So I thought to myself after joining, what better way to introduce myself than to share a super cool video with you guys, because we all love fast dodge's right!? Right!

So I was browsing around on Facebook and came across this EPIC and brand new video of world-renowned drifting champion and racing driver Rhys Millen doing some drifting, burnouts and doughnuts in the Pennzoil Hellcat in downtown Reno! And we are talking BRAND NEW, because I found out that this video was filmed during Barrett Jackson in Reno only two weeks ago!!!

It is super cool, and I thought you guys and gals would enjoy it, so here ya go!

Also, when I looked into the page that the video was posted on, I also found a photo album of some cool photos taken during the shoot, so here is the link to that!

Anyways, I feel like my introduction is complete! I hope you enjoy it guys, and I can't wait to explore the Luxury4Play forums more! Thank you for welcoming me with open arms!!!

All the best,
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