New member with a Crossfire

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I am brand new to this forum. So I thought I'll post some pics of my '04 Chrysler Crossfire. I know that its not as high end as all of the other cars on here, but it is fun to drive and I think that is mainly what counts :)

Current mods include:
-Nitrous System
-Pulley Kit
-Eibach Springs
-Ignition upgrade
and some other stuff

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sleeper...? i think so!;) welcome
haha! Thank you
I have a friend with an srt6... I respect that car

are you planning anything else mod wise?
Yeah, I'm planning on getting bigger fuel injectors, different intake manifold and bigger throttle body to start with.

Also different wheels in the near future.

I prefer power frist, than looks:wink:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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