New member - presenting....THOR!

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New to the forum and would like to introduce my ride....THOR. First set of pics.

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here's some additional pics.
*night shots coming soon!

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Very Nice!!

Can't wait to see more pics

Welcome to the 4!!
WOW, she looks really good. Welcome to the 4 and enjoy your stay.

I have never seen an X6 I liked... until now. Looks great, very apocalyptic.
looks sick. very nicely done!!! agressive yet clean
Absolutely WICKED! Welcome!
welcome to the 4! needs to be lowered more :clap:
I love it! Very nice X6!
Sikkkk Welcome to the 4
Nice x6. Welcome!
you are doing it right.!!!
Looks Awesome!!
Can you tell me the bodykit name?
Looks Awesome!!
Can you tell me the bodykit name?
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. The Kit is actually OEM BMW Performance Kit.
Damn good looking X6.
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