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Hey Guys,
New to the site and I just wanted to introduce myself. Name's Brian, mainly post on ferrarichat, do a lot of videos on YouTube, here's the link to my channel YouTube - BrianZuk's Channel. I guess I'll start my first post off with a vid I made of a friend's Gallardo YouTube - Lamborghini Gallardo Ride Flybys Rev Accelerations and more I usually am on fchat, but I've been refered to this site by multiple users. Looks like a pretty cool site, looking forward to getting to know everyone!


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BZ is in tha house!!! please give him a warm L4P welcome!!!!

i think we got NorCal covered now!

Brian Zuk has many many many many great video's on YouTube, we can't embed the tho, b/c people love to steal his vids....
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