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Hey! So my name is Katie. Yes, I'm a female (cue the confetti) . I joined this site to see what you guys have as vehicles since i'm interested in seeing what others do to their vehicles (open minded obviously). I work at a car shop in NY that deals with mainly exotics and imports. anyway… I'm not sure how to go about introducing myself so i'll do it in two parts:

1: I am a female care enthusiast who is absolutely obsessed with vehicles. (literally). My life revolves around them-- and no I'm not joking.. I personally have an BMW E30, and a subaru wrx. (foreversubaruobsessed-SORRY) I'm very outgoing,sarcastic, and I'm not easily offended. anyway, overall… I'm a car junkie,gear head,horsepower freak,and and no, not the 'like omg they're cute, whats blinker fluid (obviously i'm not that dumb)" . Technical, challenging, figuring out problems… what i love.


2: I work at a shop in NY . I do all the book keeping, ordering of items, and speak with all the customers. i LOVE my job. (who wouldn't love seeing beautiful cars all day?!)

Anyway, ill be putting a thread up of what i get to see on a daily basis. :) let me know what you guys think! (attached are a few teaser photos )
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