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Hello everyone at L4P!

My name is Tot (Yes that's my real name Lol) but people and friends call me Tater Tot's. Some of the member's here may know my car from Forumwars & MaydayGarage Article But for people on here that does not know me, I live in New Orleans but i tend to be in Houston, Texas A LOT so if you see me in Houston give me a shout. I daily drive my car. Currently the only C63 AMG modded in the city! But enough with my blabber jabber and on with the picture's & mod list!

Also, I'll post a link to my MayDay Article for everyone who havn't seen it.

After Market Mod list for anyone that's curious to know.

Wheels & Tire Setup:
Brand HRE Wheels
Model 3 Piece 840r
Color Charcoal Black
Size Fronts; 20x8.5, Rears; 20x10
Tire's Michelin PS2

Go Fast Mod's:
Eurocharged V2 ECU Tune
MHP Long Tubed Header's with 3" Catless Mid Pipe's
K&N Filters with Charcoal Filter's Removed

Aesthetic Mods:
Euroteck Carbon Fiber Lip
DAD'S C63 Design Carbon Fiber Boot with Intergraded Trunk Wing Made by RevoZport
RevoZport Carbon Fiber Big Fin Diffuser
Smoked Corner Lens
HID 8k Foglights
Upgrade D1S Bulbs to 8k
Limo Tint All Around with 35% on the Windshield
Blacked Out Acent's

I.C.E Mods:
12" Kicker L3 Subwoofer
Kicker Ported Box
Pioneer Stage 4 Bass Amp

Link to MaydayGarage Coverage & Write-Up
Class Action Suit: Tot Tuong’s C63 AMG Street Terror. | Mayday Garage

They're image's floating around on the net of my attendance at the Wekfest/Fatlace car show also but i'm too lazy to find it Lol.

A bonus video for everyone ;)


Excuse the title, they call me Mr.AMG in New Orleans because i'm the only C63 AMG that race's on and off the track.
The Mustang is a SVT Cobra? I don't know much information on Mustang's but the one in the video is supercharged.

Thank you for everyone that view & hope to have a warm welcome here at Luxury4Play

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Welcome to L4P from another C63er!

Your C63 looks absolutely great. How are you liking the Dad's/Revosport Trunk?

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Welcome to L4P!
Love what you've done with the C63. Looks great, and you seem to enjoy it the way its meant to be driven.
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