New Generation / Titan Motorsports Solara runs 6.34 @ 229

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Zoian Racing 6.34 @ 229 MPH !!! New Modified World Record !! - YouTube

The Titan Motorsports backed Zoian Racing Solara ran a new Modified World Record of a 6.343 @ 229mph during a private test session at Maryland International Raceway. This run moved the car to the front of the line in the Modified 3Ž4 chassis record books. The conditions were great with 87 degree ambient temperature, however we anticipate even better results once the weather cools down, and look forward to getting back out to the track and close the gap for the overall record of Worlds Quickest and Fastest Import, currently held by the Titan Motorsports built and supported entry of E Kanoo Racing.
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One of my friends has a Solara. It's kind of a bitch car though
wow, thats crazy fast. haven't followed the drag scene in a minute, but anything with titan motorsports signage were always known to impress. congrats on the crazy run!
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