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Dear BRABUS Enthusiast,

The new Monoblock M design, which is also introduced on the new BRABUS S-Class lineup, is now available. BRABUS Monoblock alloys are the top choice around the world for owners of Mercedes-Benz automobiles who value exclusive design and maximum quality. The hi-tech forged wheel of the exclusive "PLATINUM EDITION" thrills with a combination of expansive disc design and ten larger and ten smaller openings, which not only break up the surface, but thanks to their sophisticated design also optimize the venting of the brakes.

The new BRABUS forged wheel, in sizes 9Jx21 and 10.5Jx21, is designed for numerous current Mercedes-Benz sedans, coupes, roadsters and SUVs. The new BRABUS Monoblock M “PLATINUM EDITION” wheel comes in two different surface finishes: black painted wheels with polished surfaces and fully polished wheels

“PLATINUM EDITION“: Under this label, BRABUS offers particularly exclusive wheels that represent the state-of-the-art in manufacturing technology. The new BRABUS Monoblock M design is the latest member of this family of hi-tech wheels, which are identified as forged wheels by the “PLATINUM EDITION” stainless badge.

All wheels of this kind are manufactured using state-of-the-art forging technology and offer even greater strength than conventional alloys. Monoblock M stands for a particularly distinctive styling that combines the optical size effect of a disc design with effectively placed highlights in the form of ten openings each of two different sizes and shapes.

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