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Another Audi R8 upgraded with Armytrix titanium exhaust by our dealer for extra horsepwer/torque, weight reduction, and the boss-like exhaust sound.

Armytrix valvetronic system offer car owners with better launch-start without losing backpressure by automatically closing the valves at low rpm, when your car is driving at high speeds, the valves will automatically open to increase air flow for better performance (hp & torque gained) and sound, car owners can set whatever the timing for valves to automatically open and close by engine rpm and how deep they press the gas pedal, it’s a new innovation system to bring your car to a whole nother level and it’s not just an exhaust system you’re getting, it’s a new driving experience that you never had before.

Armytrix official website:

Armytirx facebook: page:

Armytrix Youtube channel:

Armytrix Twitter:

Armytrix Instagram: @Armytrix_F1_exhaust

Exhaust sound video of Audi R8 with Armytrix titanium exhaust

Armytrix titanium exhaust is ready for installation, mechanic prepare and check carefully before the work start.

Stock exhaust removed, cant't wait to see it done :D

Full Armytrix titanium exhaust is built in titanium, the total weight is just 8.9KG! This significant weight reduction benefiting handling & Braking. Moreover, X-pipe design enhance the high pitch acoustics for louder and crisper sound.

Armytrix valvetronic system is able to switch the valves in three modes for exhaust and backpressure adjustment.

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