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I am involved with a new app 'trendd' that was made to cater to the fashionista crowd. We did a soft pre-launch today to gauge the atmosphere and asses overall acceptance. I know there are a lot of smart people here on l4p and was hoping you guys/gals could provide some feedback from both a fashion conscious (thats why I am posting in the fashion section : ) and general outsider viewpoint.

The overall concept is an app designed to help you make a discussion on what you are wearing, going to wear, or buy. It helps you do that by providing general info on the people giving you feedback. Info like age,gender, and geographic location. It is all displayed on a dashboard for each individual photo. So, for example a guy getting ready for a date in Miami will probably value his votes more from a female audience in the USA than a male's opinion from who knows where.

The app is in its most basic form. We hope to get enough positive feedback to give us confidence in moving forward with a feature rich app.

Apple App Store Link: (if you want to leave some positive reviews I won't stop you : ) lol
Landing page: Trendd

If you have feedback but don't want to post publicly feel free to email me- gabriel at trendd dot com

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