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Hi guys,
We are happy to announce our latest performance package for 2010-2011 GT3RS models.

With the latest dyno testing and software tuning we did in conjunction with EVOMSit in Arizona on our 2011 997 GT3RS project car, our software and exhaust bypass combination yielded an additional 16 RWHP at the peak and 13 ft/lb torque measured at the wheels on EVOMS' dyno in Tempe, Arizona.

The software also includes remapping of the e-gas electronic throttle pedal ("EVOMSit Sport Pedal") for drastically sharper input, and “throttle delay”, a common complaint among enthusiasts is eliminated. :clap:

Here is a dyno chart (lowest graph is baseline, middle graph is with exhaust only, upper graph is with exhaust and software):

For more info on the tuning process please see this page:
2010+ 997 GT3RS EVOMSit Software for 2010+ 997 GT3RS - SharkWerks Porsche Performance Experts in Northern California Bay Area (510-651-0300)

A video showing our exhaust and car on the dyno:
Porsche 997.2 GT3RS with SharkWerks Exhaust - YouTube

Here is a video showing a bit of the EVOMSit software file creation process:
EVOMSit Porsche Tuning, File Creation, Data Logging & Fine Tuning - YouTube

And here's a short video EVOMS made, showing our dyno day at their facility with tuning by Todd & Alex :
The Full Monty - Sharkwerks 2011 Porsche GT3RS gets EVOMSit Intelligent Tuning (2 of 3) - YouTube
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