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The Porsche Panamera shocked the world with its release. The Panamera set the bar as to what a performance sedan should be. Porsche elected to change it up from the typical light weight, rear engine sports car and design a front engine luxury sedan with comparable performance to the companies flagship 911.

But like every other car on the market, regulations and guidelines force manufactures to utilize power robbing technology such as restrictive exhaust systems that also tarnish the sound. Eisenmann has stepped up to release a muffler system designed to improve performance and enhance the incredible sound of the Porsche Panamera S and Turbo models.

Like all Eisenmann Performance systems, the Panamera exhaust is hand assembled using a blend of new and old school manufacturing techniques to ensure each product exceeds the customers expectations. If you are interested in the Panamera S / Turbo exhaust muffler or any of the other Eisenmann products, CLICK HERE.

YouTube - Eisenmann Porsche Panamera exhaust system coming soon.......
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