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Hi L4P Members, Happy 4th of July!

After several months of perfecting the design and engineering of our newest wheel release, we wanted to take the time to introduce the all new Brixton M70 here on Luxury4Play! We are proud to release something a little ridiculous, designed for the bold enthusiast looking for something completely unique with taste, a first in the industry.

Much of our inspiration has precipitated from the continuous evolution of crafted design. Craft is defined by the ability to create something in a skillful way. Often the result of lifelong dedication, craft is passion which cannot be easily replicated. A collection of designs which inspired us and a craving to explore a path less traveled resulted in the design of the M70. A first in the wheel industry today sprouted from the challenge to re-design and re-engineer a portion of the wheel often left behind as an afterthought- the flange. The all new M70 is available in all four of our configurations, explore and be prepared for innovative design.

To view the entire Series click here or visit Brixton Forged Wheels | Brixton // Sales inquiries contact [email protected] or call 1-888-397-6601

We look forward to your feedback! Thanks everyone, have a great weekend.

Photo by: Dylan King Photography
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