Need to rent a 2mile runway for a high profile top speed shootout

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Our venue in miami was just lost due to environmentalists complaining about the everglades, so I'm looking for a 2mile stretch of runway anywhere in the continental usa, preferably southeast region, that can be fully rented out. This is a standing mile record run for a car built to do 280+.

The place must be friendly to aerial camerawork and able to land a private jet. This is a high-profile private event with a full production crew shooting a tv pilot and celebrities in attendance.

If you have any leads on any runways, even just the name of one, please let me know as soon as possible. The one that hosts the Texas mile is not long/safe enough for these speeds.
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theres two closed AFB's in this area. not sure if theyre long enough or if this event could be held, but its worth checking out.

Mclellan AFB
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