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So i bought a set of wheels off the W212(e63)amg that i though would look good on my car. But they didn't. Idk if it was the fitment or the color on the car or what it was, so i got rid of them. Now i need a new set of wheels and have no idea what to get. I think i want to go with a black wheels. Help me out guys.


these are the wheels i originally bought
Alloy wheel Tire Rim Spoke Wheel
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It would look awesome if you blacked out your chrome trim and front grille along with exhaust tip and badging and throw some ADV1 wheels and spring on and your dunzo !
yea my plan was to get new rims, then coilovers. i was thinking about doing a floating emblem look on the grill(black grill chrome mercedes emblem). I just dont know what wheels to buy. All i really know is that i want the wheels black and i dont want bbs's unless theyre CH's.. im up for anything else tho
OZ Superleggeras come in all black for your car really reasonable and pretty tough just a thought and tirerack has them so if you dent one just order another and it will on your doorstep in day or two. On my CLS I just painted the whole grille emblem and all just make sure they do a light sand and primer that bad boy, mine chipped like a mother.
yea i was thinking about doing it myself but i was afraid of that happening, its just a bitch to keep fixing every time a rock flies at it
Keep some touch up paint in the car its definetly something you could do yourself though just take your time.
yea ive painted my wheels a few times by myself, i originally wasnt sure if i wanted black wheels so i changed up the color everytime i thought i needed a change. I had white, gunmetal, silver and black looks the best. Plus industrial sharpies cover up very small chips really well on black
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