Need help with PVD coating Rolex Submariner

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I am contemplating getting my 50th Anniv. Submariner Green Bezel PVD'd in a semi gloss black or just black in general. I have done some research and seen pictures of them done, but don't actually know what steps to take to get it done. Does anyone on here know who can do this PVD coating that I can trust with a Rolex? Also, how much does this type of work cost normally, and what is the turn around time? Any help will be much appreciated, as I think it will make for a unique timepiece.

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You can PM I know of atleast one watch guy who offers this as part of his services.
Only thing I have to add is that Rolex has released a statement about these processes. They will not warranty or work on a piece that has had PVD/DLC treatment done regardless of warranty status. Not that that should keep you from doing it; just would suck if you didn't know about it.
It actually voids all watch warranties, not just rolex's.
There is some good information in this thread. Hope it helps!

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That's pretty good work on that sub. Which reminds me, FYI when you go all black it gives the watch a smaller appearance on the wrist. Kinda like why big girls like to wear black clothing.
I believe bamford and sons is the place that won't void the warranty.
It voids it but its just that Bamford offers their own coverage. Kinda like grey market watch dealers that provide their own coverage on all sales as they are not AD's like Jomashop, Watchery etc. In addition Bamford has more than accounted for that contingency in their pricing.
yeah, i just saw that. I didnt know for sure since i was on my phone.

But they offer some bad ass options. i went to look at them, but ended up not doing it
I just got off their site also. I think their work may be the best.

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What in the hell is that Time & Gems monstrosity?:confused::confused::confused:
What in the hell is that Time & Gems monstrosity?:confused::confused::confused:
Hideous isnt it? I do rather like the engraving on the bracelet tho.
Give jack at IWW a call.


Plenty of people have used his services. Turn around time will be a while. Be prepared to wait.
awesome guys! I am going to do a little research on the given links and make my decision from there. I knew I could count on this forum for answers! Thanks angain! :clap:
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