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First unveiled at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the LP640 improves just enough on the gorgeous exterior of the original Murcielago, with revised front and rear fascias and larger side air dams, to differentiate it from the previous generation, and with the classic Lamborghini scissor doors, it goes without saying the LP 640 is a looker.

It’s also fast, with a 6.5-liter V12 effortlessly doing the heavy lifting and kicking out an impressive 631 horsepower, the LP640 offers plenty of performance, which is nice when you’re chasing down racers going double the posted speed limits in Seacrest County.

Continuing in another Lamborghini tradition – naming cars after famous fighting bulls – the Murcielago is named after a bull which was able to withstand 28 sword strokes in an 1879 fight, impressing the matador enough to spare its life. You won’t need any help from matadors to bust speeders in this Murcielago. Text and Video Credit by EA Games Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit!

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