Need a watch for a friend to cover a tattoo...

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Hey guys. I am looking to pick up a watch for a friend. she just got a new job, so I am getting her a watch. Just something simple/cheap. She likes to frequent my jewelery box and take my watches... No more!

This is her tattoo....

She likes the whole steampunk leather strap look. a few i sent her she liked...

vestal roosewood

nixon vega

and even the nixon small scout, but not necessarily this color.

any other ideas would be great! thanks
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I would wear this:

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Or just Rock the Tat

OH and Mikey....more picts of your friend please!

OH and Mikey....more picts of your friend please!
Lol. I bet you guys would like more pics of her. But she needs to cover it for work, and i want my explorer back.
Well.... pictures would help us better assess the correct piece. :)

Also sounds like it has to be rather convervative if she needs to cover up that rather non-descript space alien symbol.
she told me what it meant, but i kinda forgot. its the restraunt/bar policy. no visible tattoos.
Why not just a leather strap? There are a few Japanese watch makers that has so cool looking steampunk-esk watches
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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