need a good sports watch

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Well, my father has taken up cycling and he needs a watch he can wear with it. I'm looking for something sporty, possibly chrono, but not something over $2k. He has an extensive watch collection, but all of his watches are too nice to wear while cycling (but he still wants to wear something nice on his wrist) Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Try a used Breitling B1, they have the digital swiss quartz, and just about bullet proof. In titanium it would be really light as well, and they are under that price range in the used market, check WUS or TZ.
Definitely a g shock

Best sports watch there is in my opinion.
Take a look at Tissot sport watches, should cost under 1,000
a seawolf, steelfish or b1 (as previously mentioned). Check tz or wn
Get him a heart rate monitor instead. If he needs something on the wrist a lot of manuf. make watches that display all the peetinent info. Real cycling must have a heart rate monitor. Unless youre Lance Armstrong youre not getting everything out of your ride without one.
Suunto Core!
I agree with the heart rate monitor. Insight to some great information that you can't get with a $2k TAG.
Why would you get him a $2K watch to go cycling? Get him simple cycling watch/computer that has a heart rate monitor and maybe cadence.
If you want him to be a baller, get him a GPS/Nav unit.
Agreed on the HR monitor- I use to compete in triathlons and I used one. One of the best equipment you can have.

Does he already have a comp on his bike?
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