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Ferrari's passing through



1500hp Superleggera by UGR

Ferrari interior

Me & Diablo GT

Ferrari Modena

Lamborghini Superleggera 1500hp by UGR

Viper SRT10 ACR

Rolls Royce ghost

Diablo GT again

f360 startup & small revs. (tubi exhaust)

1st lamborghini arrives.

Cars that showed up:

3 supra's
1- rx7
3 lotus elise's
2 Rolls royce's
6-7 Lamborghini's
6-7 Ferrari's
1-2 Maserati's
3-4 Bently's
3-4 Skyline GTR's
2 Audi R8's
4 Vipers
8+ Carrera's
2 Boxsters
2 Cayennes
1-2 Aston Martins
2 1960's cobras
1 Fisker Karma
1 Rossion

I probably left out a few, but it was one hell of a great turnout.


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Nice pics man. You might want to double check the name of the cars though.. :wink:
Rolls Royce = ghost not 200ex? :p

I'm not the best with RR's... please tell me that's my only mistake on here lol

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Well, it was the biggest one at least.. But you caught it! ;)

I also don't know if you slipped on the keyboard but the Ashton Martin might be another one. No worries though!

Thanks for the pics.
Fixed Aston Martin too lol. I'm too used to saying it like "ashton" -__- Thanks for pointing those out lol
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