Naked Short Shifter

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No it's not a dwarf on a pole but an erection set with a kevlar disco ball:clap:


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How close is it to the steering wheel? It looks like the perfect reach.

It's a perfect fit, no need to ever reach around...:clap: wondering where the the hell you put that thing.

I'm doing a new serious boost engine right now videos to follow..:whistle:
What wheel?
race car style. I like it! Thats just sick!
looks hard-core . nice. do you have some pics of the seats ? greetzzz
Here are the seats.. The custom padding and lumbar support make long drives through the canyons a pice of cake....


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that is hella clean.
I love the shifter setup..can you take a pic inside so we can see how close it is to the steering wheel from the drivers seat.
This is by far one of the coolest cars to ever exist!! We need videos now!!! PLEASE :)
No more gropin in the dark for your knob....:clap:


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that kevlar fiber knob is badass...are you going to make a new tunnel or leave it bare?
I'm leavin it naked, I think it looks a little like Kinetic art in it's own way....
Function and form in perfect harmony....:driving: :goingcrazy:
love the shape of the steering wheel . would like that shape in carbon . problem is the air bag . how did you solve this on your steering wheel ? sorry for all the questions but it is your fault to have sutch a nice car :lol::lol::lol: greeetzzzz
There is no need for an air bag if you always wear your harness....
Ask away that's why we are here....
My bad if this is a stupid question. Is that a sequential shifter?
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