The internet is agog, barely containing its speculative glee at photos of a new Cadillac key that were given to Jalopnik and The Drive.

The pictures show an unusual key fob with many buttons, some of which lend themselves well to speculation.

The key fob clearly has a Cadillac logo on one side, and buttons to open not just the trunk, not just the hood, but also to open the roof. The design of glyph for the car, too, looks suspiciously supercar-like.

What the hell is going on with this mystery Cadillac key?
— Jalopnik (@Jalopnik)
5, 2018[/URL]

But it’s not just the design that matters here. Front engine cars just don’t have hood releases on their keys. It’s not too hard, then, to understand why people assume that this will instead be a frunk, because that is a more common button to see on mid-engine car keys.

The convertible hood button, too, is an interesting tidbit. While some of the spy pictures we’ve seen of the mid-engine Corvette have appeared to have a telltale crease in their roofs, they looked more like targas than full-on convertibles.

If one were given to wild speculation—and remember, we, too, are on the internet—one could conclude that the two mid-engine cars we’ve seen testing might belong to different brands.

One, a hardcore supercar sold under the Corvette banner, the other a convertible super-grand-tourer sold as a Cadillac. In everything but the placement of the engine, it would be the same strategy the two brands took in the early aughts with the C6 and the XLR.

Of course, that’s only if we were to engage in the wildest kind of speculation, something we would never do... So for now, it’s just a weird key with some funny pictures on it.

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