my thursday > yours

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onto the fun . . .

. . . and now for the money shots, be prepared to clean yourself up


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yup, your thursday is definitely > than mine.
sweet shots!
yup owned.....

back to my crap friday :D
Damn, those pics are getting me very exicted for my track day tomorrow! Did you run the Viper?
No, I could only stop by for ~2 hours. Not worth the fee, but definitely worth checking out.

yup my Thursday sucked compared to

good stuff man!!
sweet pics.
Please tell me you got a vid of the Scud and Carrera GT flying past!
What track is that at? Looks like you had fun lol :p
Great pics and I would have to agree with the thread title :D
Grattan, about 30 min north of Grand Rapids, MI.

Unfortunately I didn't get any video footage.

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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