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Dropped my LP640 off at Alex's shop about 7 weeks ago with the understanding that I wanted to A) keep the sound of the LP 12 cylinder and B) stay with the elegant OEM look of the engine bay maintaining a "sleeper" stock looking kit...

Needless to say when Alex called me on week 6 to say he wanted me to come drive the car I was pleasantly shocked. He had done all the R&D on his personal car so mine went very fast, even incorporating numerous improvements that he wanted to do after the first kit...

I spent the week at the UTAH FAST PASS (Bad Ass event by the way) itching to drive it and even tried to have it shipped to the event... It was at that time Alex said, wait it is not ready! :confused: In all reality he didn't want me to drive it and get all the rock chips my GTR received because this car is absolutely PERFECT!

I arrived last Sunday to test drive the car. All I can say is that Alex delivered and surpassed my expectations on all accounts.

Sound? Imagine his MS Stage 2 racing exhaust with a symphony of blow off noises :clap::clap::clap:

Drivability? Start up, low speed, partial throttle, full throttle, decel, cooling everything as good or better than stock! :clap::clap::clap:

Power? Fast as shit! On 91 the car picked up about 300 AWHP! :jump:

Looks? Judge for yourself... :D

I think it came out looking super clean and OEM! Utilizing all black fittings, an impressive amount of labor and love went into all the bracketry and fitment that is not seen but when examined looks like Lamborghini engineers designed it themselves... the mesh cover on the back has since been replaced with a custom Carbon one to match the interior!

Needless to say I am pumped about this build and the way it came out. Finished off this Murci platform with just the right amount of power... Alex and I both went with the ADV1 wheels to finish off with a more aggressive look.


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