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My rare coloured Sunburst Copper CTS Sport LTD (1st generation) [burnt orange]:

This was a limited factory colour- as all of you probably know. The official name as dubbed by Cadillac is 'Sunburst Copper'. It was only available in 2003. A seemingly identical colour was released on the 2008 CTS and labeled 'Hot Lava'. These are the only two years in which orange CTS' were available. There are no plans at this time to bring this colour back for the 3rd generation CTS. I would like to see some CTSV's (and all CTS for that matter) made in this colour.

with 20"s all the way around

20"s in the back, 18" Crave Alloys up front (and my '69 Benz 280SE steady posted in the background)

Los Angeles, CA
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