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Hey Everyone!

Due to the great feedback I received from last year's fall trip I did with ZR Auto, I figured I'd share this years even more exciting trip!

Fewer cars made this trip but that did not affect how crazy it was! Rather than a "regular" cruise/drive, we were out there for the unqiue Newfoundland Targa Rally. Never in my life did I think I'd end up on the far east end of Canada, especially for an event like this.

Anyway, since I am bad at the writing thing I will let the photos do the talking =)

**If anyone has questions, please feel free to PM me or post them here! I'll answer everything I can!

For more updates/images/info, please head over and 'Like' my Facebook Page as well as the ZR Exotics page!

Mike Boldt Photo | Facebook

ZR Exotics | Facebook

Starting with an introduction of the interesting sights and beautiful scenery of Newfoundland before we get onto the race event:

**Please do not remove watermarks or use any images without asking for permission! Thanks!**

1. St. Johns, NL

2. Flat Rock, NL




The cars were shipped over 6000KM to St. Johns NL.





10. The 3 Edo Competition Cars

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The day prior to the event there was a rally school for those who had not yet competed in such an event. They had a trial stage setup for drivers and co-drivers to practice communicating on.

11. Enzo from above on the ferry headed to rally school.

12. On the practice stage, we realized that ground clearance may be a bit of an issue... as demonstrated on this turn.

Day 1

13. Goodmorning MC12 =)

14. Cars sitting pretty at tech inspection

15. Drivers meeting

From there we headed downtown St. Johns to the start line! The first day drivers only ran a short stage up to Flat Rock and back.

16. This is about the only time the Saleen was functioning during the event, great looking, fast car, but we had some fuel pump issues.

The following morning.. The Saleen was back to it's home and the driver/co-driver swapped over to the backup Murcielago.


Day 2

Was the true first day of the rally. It consisted of a few stages and a lot of ground was covered. The first stage that I shot ran through a small town out onto a peninsula where we ate lunch, then the drivers went out the way we had come.





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This stage was full of crashes, mechanical failure (including our own issues), and a ton of intense driving!

22. This Supra is a repeat competitor and the car was actually built back in Calgary Alberta, they were one of the teams I was following more closely... They also drove harder than anyone else in the event. As demonstrated (they somehow managed to get through this stage not a second slower than anyone)

23. After the cars were all through the stage, we headed back down.

The black 350Z (also from Alberta) lost control coming over a crest and hit the Empty Subaru (which was pulled off to the side of the stage due to mechanical failure) sending them both through a telephone pole.

24. About 2 minutes up the road we encountered this Porsche in the water which lost control around a bend and oversteered into the water.

After the gas tank started leaking the Soldier On team (Canadian Forces) offered to help us out by allowing us use their shop at the local Airforce Base in Gander, NL.

25. The Murci had a gas tank leak (which we later found out was a recall issue). So we sat out the remainder of the day.

Team Soldier On (Canadian Forces Amputees) had an amazing crew and they offered to allow us to use a shop at a nearby Airforce Base.

26. After a few hours we pulled the tank.


28. The military guys also provided us with an amazing tig welder who came down middle of the night and helped us out!

Day 3

We managed to get the Murci all fixed up after opening a NAPA Auto Parts at 2:00AM for a fuel pump clip and working late into the night.
After the first stage, it was clear that everyone else had been up late night working!


30. These guys performed an engine swap the night before and were working until minutes before the first stage began, they weren't able to get the whole car back together! Was definitely very cool to see...

31. Two legends chasing eachother down. The sounds were incredible.

32. Team Soldier On

33. Awesome 911

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34. MC12 ready for take off! YouTube link at the final photo post of this page!


That evening we did a very cool stage. It was in the center of Gander and through their most residential area. A lot of locals just sitting at their front windows eating dinner watching race cars go by!


37. For video please check final post on this page!

Day 3 didn't go without issues... The Lambo bottomed out so hard that one of the external reservoirs on the shock broke off... So we worked late into the night again to get it fixed up!



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Day 4

This day consisted of a lot of transits and driving. We saw some amazing scenery and were out on the very edge of the coast.


40. Our favourite Lambo back at it!


42. Rob Dyrdek's former rally STI.

43. SRT Viper piloted by one of the head guys over at Dodge SRT.

44. Lotus, all back together!

The next stage I shot was a very unique one. We were able to stand ontop of a hill that overlooked the entire town. We could see the cars as they winded through the houses and streets then back up the hill to where we were!



That evening we had another city center stage, which had some cautions, jumps, and lots of gravel!



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Day 5

Consisted of a lot of transits again and lots of rain!

49. The rain made for some cool car to car shots on the highway though!


51. This wasn't even the whole group of competitors, tons of people involved!

Had some time for more rolling shots during another long transit! Lots of fog.




55.Our awesome escort vehicle going from stage to stage that generally didn't stay in front of us very long at all haha




We then arrived in Marystown NL which would be our final stage due to a series of events.

59. Loads of spectators


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The Enzo on it's final descent down the hill


62. I am sure everyone has seen the video explaining what happened. There will be a link to various videos at the end of this post including this one!



65. Never did I think I'd see an Enzo sitting like this...

66. The only visible damage to the car

67. Getting ready to lift it out!


After the whole incident and the car was loaded up, it needed a good solid rinse with fresh water so we headed to the local fire station!



71. That night tare-down of the car begin and precautions were taken to preserve components. Another all nighter working.

Day 6

Everyone was completely exhausted from the day before and we had to load the Enzo back into the trailer to get it on it's way to Germany... With how our luck was, we were currently being hit by the edge of a Hurricane so we had to pull the truck up to the very edge of the arena we had been working in... Very tight squeeze.




And thats it for all the car action!

Thank you for viewing!

YouTube links:

Enzo Crashing
MC12 Drifting
MC12 Launch

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Epic thread!
The following morning.. The Saleen was back to it's home and the driver/co-driver swapped over to the backup Murcielago.
Such a shame to have to fall back to the Murci as a backup car :lol:

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lol and that car had it's own issues... All together it was good. Couldn't believe how good the Enzo did, except the obvious. Considering how modified it is. The MC12 was also driven hard and was fine!

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GREAT shots.... thanks for sharing!

btw... why do people keeping calling it "drifting" when really the MC12 is just fishtailing and spinning out..... there was no controlled drift in that video

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Wow, that's great that these owners drive their cars - no - RACE their cars. I saw the video of his swan dive into the harbor. I give 9 for small splash but 5 for ugly entry through the fence. :D

I started reading all the comments were typical people that only know two things about Ferrari's 1) too expensive for them to own and 2) if they did, they'd never drive them hard.

From there, the comments ranged from the "boo hoo" sarcastic comment to "NOT just a car, who is this guy?"

*sigh*, people just need not let one video tell a person's life story like that. Most don't even know he couldn't have owned this car if he didn't already own a few others before it... the guy obviously has the means to not worry if it would crash. yes, he was humble, as I would be too, but take a step back and know it just means he has to drive in his 599 or Challenge car the next day. I admire the guy for putting it out there for all of us to see. If I had the means, I'd do it too! I guess I get tired of these Ferrari groupies that have no concept about the owners... and I mean the ones that are truly passionate about driving any Ferrari well.
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