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Brixton Forged x 2007 BMW 550i

When looking for hot, modified and modern BMW 5-Series sedans today there is no short in the recent explosion of gorgeous modified F10 BMW M5’s. Amongst all the new hype it has been easy to forget the older brother to the F10, the E60 sedan. When we received these photos from our customers E60 sitting flush on our 20.0" x 9.5” and 20.0" x 11.0” CM7 - Circuit Series wheels we knew the E60 hadn't just fallen to the shadows giving the entire spotlight to the newer F10.

The finish is what helps set the entire package set off, taking the traditional way of blacking out a car and blasting it into the past. Playing with high-luster, brushed finishes and opaque powder coats is the name of the game and that is exactly what happened with this wheel set. We had the outer barrels brushed then powder coated in Liquid Black, making the brushed metal underneath pop in a subtle yet modern way. The faces, inner barrels and hardware all received a treatment of our Matte Firecracker Black to finish it off. Enjoy.

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