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I know most of us saw the SP1 @ Concorso, but I was charged with babysitting her on Sunday at our shop. I took some additional photos, that show some details you may not have seen. Tons of carbon fiber, and a unique (but ugly in my opinion) application of leather under the hood. All-in-All I'm still torn on it, but I do like it more than I did prior to the weekend....

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Supercar Sports car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Supercar

Vehicle Automotive lighting Car Headlamp Auto part

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Red Supercar

Vehicle Car Hood Automotive exterior Auto part

Automotive exterior Font Bumper Technology Car

Auto part Wheel Trunk Vehicle Hood

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Supercar

Red Automotive exterior Automotive design Vehicle door Vehicle registration plate

And thanks to Member Teej for shooting this one of my reppin the 4

Vehicle Car Automotive design Supercar Sports car
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Im starting to like this car more everytime I see it. Looks like they used 599 Tails?
I still don't like it :eek:hwell:
The leather under the hood is nice, great pics.
not bad.
new about this car for quite some time now....looks umm different I think they should've chose a different project for this particular program.
looks good phil
Now is this a concept
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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