Stunning homes, gorgeous yachts and an electric nightlife…everything about the Bay of Kotor is bright, beautiful and bold. And when you have some of the biggest super yachts in the world at your doorstep, it’s only appropriate that your full-service Marina is equipped to handle them. This is exactly the reason why Porto Montenegro is now home to the largest berth in the world! 
The marina recently added a mammoth 820-foot berth, which is larger than the world’s biggest super yacht (at the moment), the Azzaam. Measuring 590 feet (not the one pictured below), the luxurious Azzam was built in a mere three years, was launched in 2013 can reach top speeds of 30 knots with its 2 diesel-powered engines, pumping a whopping 23500 horsepower (each!)

The new berth will soon be prepared to hold the new largest yacht in the world once it is completed, the Double Century, a 656-foot yacht being built for an astounding $770 million. When the monstrous yacht is built, Montenegro will be prepared to receive it with open arms!
[ Source: RobbReport ]