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The Momofuku chain of restaurants (Ssam, noodle, KO, bakery) is hands down one of the best values in NYC. I try to eat there every time I'm in the city, and I usually order 90% of the menu :clap: The owner/chef David Chang is bringing quality ingredients and classical cooking techniques and making it available for the masses. Changing the face of the game, IMO. This visit was around Oct 08.

Picture 1: Foie Terrine, Egg yolk center, biscuit crust (not that good)
Picture 2: Momofuku's take on a classic Vietnamese dish, Banh Mi Sandwich (pork, foie pate, preserved veggies, mint, cucumber)
Picture 3: Assortment of butters w/ bread
Picture 4: Wellfleet (?) Oysters with yuzu consommé (i think)
Picture 5: Escargot in some sort of jelly - worst dish of the night for me
Picture 6: Hamachi, edamame puree, seaweed balls, microgreens

There were a few other dishes I had this night that I couldn't get a picture of, but I'll try to describe them.

Dish 1: Soft Scrambled Eggs (slight southeast asian flavors), crispy duck confit
Dish 2: Momofuku Pork Bun - berkshire pork, hoison sauce, cucumbers
Dish 3: Momofuku Mushroon Bun - Shitakke Mushrooms, hoison sauce, cucumbers
Dish 4: Hamachi, Beet Puree
Dish 5-9: Assortment of hams (GREAT flavor/texture for domestic ham, but does not hold a candle to Spanish hams, i.e ibérico)
Dish 10: Kimchi stew - spciy and savory, very good

I will be posting my experiences at Momofuku KO soon (20+ course meal, fixe prix)

Enjoy! :wink:


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