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Hi everyone, I have a YouTube channel called Classic Car TV. I'm making a new series called Modern Classics, and the first car we've featured is the McLaren MP4-12C. Is this a classic? Can it be? I interviewed the car's designer Frank Stephenson plus two McLaren gurus. First there is Dean Lanzante, who's company Lanzante won Le Mans first time out in 1995 with the Ueno Clinic McLaren F1, and has since gone on to be one of the world's most respected McLaren preparation businesses - McLaren F1 GTR and McLaren P1 GTR road cars, anyone! Then we talked to Alastair Bols, who launched the MP4-12C for McLaren from the company's first retail showroom in London, then went independent and has sold a total of around 800 McLarens to date. If you would like to see the film, here's a link:
. We also have the full individual interviews with Frank and Dean on the channel.

Anyway, hope you like it! We are already working on the next film, which will feature the Porsche 964 RS. The car is already here, it's in a rare amethyst colour and is gorgeous!


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