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Here it is! Our Mercedes SLS Body Kit in the flesh. We had a fantastic photo session with the talented photographer, Ted7 by an air strip in Long Beach, California. The weather and sun light was perfect for the stunning red paint finish to pop in the photos.

Here's a brief description of the body kit in case some of you missed it in a previous thread;

This body kit features a new fascia with dramatically expanded air intakes providing additional air to the massive 6.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8 engine.
A hood piece that mounts on top of the existing hood with two vent covers on each side. Two uniquely designed side vent covers. Sharply designed side skirts and a rear bumper with an aggressive, yet subtle diffuser. We have a rear spoiler that is not shown in the pictures but we will be releasing photos of it very soon.

Individual parts of this Mercedes SLS body kit are available without the purchase of the full kit, although we recommend using the entire kit for the best look.
Some parts of the Mercedes SLS body kit are available in optional carbon fiber:

-Front bumper lip
-Rear Diffuser
-Side skirts, side vent covers
-Hood mount, hood vent covers

Thanks to ADV.1 for providing the wheels and JC Customz for installing our body kit. Enjoy the photos!

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