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I was on facebook and one of my friends sent me this photo, pretty cute, wonder where he got the inspiration from, GT3RS/Transsyberia!

DSC02013 by ValliKhan, on Flickr
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I kind of like it to be honest.
looks good on a mini :) wonder if it has anything under the hood to match :p
That is cool, in a funny way, but cool.

yep agreed!
Now someone needs to do one in Lime Green! Not it.
kick ass Mini IMO. Props to the owner for doing something.. uh.. different
I remember Lyle did something like that but with the superleggera style with the mini cooper lettering...

I can't find it on his sight though
Lyles Vinyl Styles - Custom vehicle graphics, wraps, decals, and more

nonetheless, that mini looks sweet :clap:
I love it, nothing wrong with that even if it's bone stock.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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