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Craziest thing happend at work today here in Buenos Aires. My name was up, meaning it was my turn to help the next customers through the door, and in come this elderly couple and a young lady. I instantly see the young lady is wearing an IWC portuguese, and then I see the elderly lady is wearing another IWC. I didn't see his watch, but caught a quick glimpse and figured I knew what it was... turns out i was bang on.

So i ask where they're from (switzerland) and if they're here for pleasure, and they say business; watches. I instantly look at him and say "Kurt Klause!" and he grins and couldn't believe it, none of them could, that I knew who he was. He is a top engineer for IWC, where he's been over 50 years, and I knew of his IWC DaVinci Kurt Klause special edition, and that's what he was wearing. As soon as I said his name I stuck out my hand and he shook it and he took off his watch and let me have a look at it, without me asking. It was indeed the davinci kurt klause edition, in platinum. They have his face on the caseback. I know who he was because 3 years ago he held a workshop here where a handful of special clients were invited and dissassmbled a watch with him, so they could learn, etc. I wasn't invited, but I had read about it. And today and tomorrow they're doing a workshop, first one since that one 3 years ago, what are the odds?! I wanted a picture with him, but I knew my boss would flip. When I said goodbye I told him it was a pleasure. Wow, what a nice sighting!

Kurt Klaus, Legend

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